Class Rooms

Construction of building according to excellent engineer’s master plan continues to add to the facilities of the school. The school has spacious and airy class rooms with well equipped furniture to accommodate 3000 students.

The Fatima School has excellently furnished Smart Class Rooms with multimedia provision to teach all the subjects. The contents of the Course material are digitalized and class room learning has made into 3D through our Smart Class Rooms.

There is a Ball room cum Activity room for the kindergarten to enjoy. They learn all concepts through play way learning. A combination of Montessori and regular school concepts make the students proves to be the best.

Plan & Project 2015

THEME : LOVE NEVER ENDS (Cor 13:8)  General Objective: We journey with the educating community along the path of conversion and


Superior & Correspondent Message

“Let us draw the spiritual experience of Don Bosco in order to walk in holiness according to our specific vocation for the glory of Go