The Education Plan

The School mediates culture by bringing the aspirations and actual situations of today’s youngsters face to face with humanitarian experience, expressed in its cultural heritage. The School achieves this goal through a well drafted Educational Plan which sets practical objectives suitable to the needs and demands of the students in the light of a set of values.

The basic values on which the School strives to build a truly human existence are:

  • A The formation of CONSCIENCE capable of searching for the truth and adhering to it interiorly;
  • The growth in a responsible and creative FREEDOM that knows and chooses what is good;
  • The capacity for RELATIONSHIP, solidarity and communication based on the dignity of the person;
  • The training to assume RESPONSIBILITIES flowing from a sense of Justice and Peace.
  • The Educational plan also suggests concrete lines of action and means to achieve the objectives.
  • periodic assessment of the plan along the following lines is vital for a fruitful implementation:
  • Whether the goals and means set, preserve and strengthen the undying values;
  • Whether they over-value some aspects which are only secondary or transitory;
  • Whether the various options and activities of our plan are consistent with the values proposed;
  • Whether the project and activities have helped to strengthen the bond of union within the educating community.

Superior & Correspondent Message

“Let us draw the spiritual experience of Don Bosco in order to walk in holiness according to our specific vocation for the glory of Go


Principal's Message

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed” – Proverb 16:3.  Let us entrust all our hopes, desir