Plan & Project 2015


 General Objective:

We journey with the educating community along the path of conversion and communion towards love which is the greatest of all.

Specific Objective

  • Acknowledge God as the center of our life.
  • To become signs that make God’s love visible.
  • Present to the young the patron saints of our congregation who accepted life as a gift and a call to serve.
  • To become conscious of God’s presence in our lives
  • To see daily life as the place of encounter with God.
  • Love for one’s work or study
  • Positive and reflective view of one’s time.
  • Responsible acceptance of one’s own life and spiritual progress day by day.
  • Ability to guide one’s life and make right choices

Action Plan

  • Animated prayer moments, first Friday mass, retreats, confessions and day with God.
  • Bible week - All faith prayer.
  • Life oriented and contextualized catechesis and value based education.
  • Seminar on preventive system to parents, lay collaborators and neighbouring school teachers.
  • To know and imitate Don Bosco - Seminars and workshop.
  • Class assembly and competitions.
  • Leadership animation, career guidance.
  • Programme on health and hygiene, time management.
  • Strengthen the animating core group and make it co- responsible.
  • Net working with the VIDES to reach out to the blind.
  • Peer group ministry through camps, exposure programme, visit to orphanages / home for the a aged to encourage voluntary service.
  • Preserve and conserve our environment - celebration of world earth day, save energy's and avoid wastage.



SCIENCE LABORATORYThe school takes pride in possessing all the three science labs i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology which is well equipped


Class Rooms

Construction of building according to excellent engineer’s master plan continues to add to the facilities of the school. The school ha